5 Safety Tips Every Electrical Contractor Should Know

Posted by GEC2 on Mar 19, 2021 12:30:00 PM

At GEC2, safety is the number one priority for every project.

Our teams are lead by Safety Manager, David Canales. David's expertise is accompanied by over 20+ years in construction and his understanding of importance for precaution. He is committed to building our Safety Program and has some tips to share that may help you!

5 Tips for Electrical Safety & Awareness

1. Always wear the proper PPE for each job site.

2. Know your surroundings & look out for other trades.

3. It's always best to double check for electrical currents with a NCVT (Non-contact Voltage Tester). You should NOT rely solely on this equipment for accuracy. 

4. Inspect your tools and equipment daily or before each use.

5. "See Something, Say Something". Always be willing to help your team members out.

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