GEC2 is on the go with The Duty-Free Stores

Posted by GEC2 on Mar 4, 2020 11:30:00 AM

The Duty-free stores have been a go-to stop for tourists worldwide. GEC2 was granted a project with Duty-free to achieve an $85K project, at the LAX Tom Bradly international terminal.

The Duty-Free stores cater to people on the go, who seek high-quality products ranging from prestige essentials to last-minute gifts. There are multiple airport locations worldwide, which include the Middle East, Asia & Pacific Islands, and North America. There are over 9,000 employees who for the last 55 years have strive to provide and create "an inspiring retail experience". The Duty-Free brand prides themselves in supporting multiple philanthropists and groups including; efforts women empowerment, rendering better medical support, breast cancer awareness, along with several others.

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