The Women Behind the Success at GEC2

Posted by GEC2 on Mar 6, 2020 4:23:20 PM

At GEC2, we take pride in providing our customers with the best of the best! The staff behind the success is a full functioning team of diverse individuals. Our groundbreaking women are both administrative leaders and innovators on the job site. In a male dominated industry, where women only make up 10% of the workforce, GEC2 gives everyone the opportunity to thrive in the world of construction.

Check out a few of our administrative leaders!

LIZETH DUNN Controller

  • Years in Construction: 1 year in  construction/electrical industry
  • Position and Role: Coordinates the Aerospace badging process while maintaining bid reviews and A/P invoices 
  • Greatest strength:  Bringing honesty and teamwork into the office environment.
  • Greatest challenge in the industry: Facing the challenge of staying positive and completing deadlines for multiple projects is one of her current challenges

CHRISTINA THOMPSON Director of Digital Systems

  • Years In Construction: 2 years in construction/ 1 year in electrical
  • Position and Role: Dedicates her days to managing the operation of quality control, marketing, and client outreach
  • Greatest strength: To lead a strong team and maintain productivity under pressure.
  • Greatest challenge in the industry: Being able to master customer service and still build the experience needed to excel in construction

PRISCILLA PEDRO Assistant Project Manager

  • Years In Construction : 2 years in construction/electrical
  • Position and Role: Assisting Project Managers on the LAX projects 
  • Greatest strength:Communicating with all teams and supporting projects at Los Angeles International Airport. 
  • Greatest challenge in the industry: In a fast pace environment, to stay actively on the process of the projects and changes.  

JANETH RUIZ Database Specialist 

  • Years In Construction: First year in construction/electrical
  • Position and Role:  Maintains customer Relations Management and partitions lists for marketing campaigns while working alongside the Project Managers.
  • Greatest strength: Being a self starter and always bring in innovative ideas
  • Greatest challenges: Learning about the industry while keeping up with pace


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